Ratha Yatra Ireland - Dublin 2012 - to the Volunteers

by Sanjeeb Barik

Jai Jagannath!!

Councillor Mary O'Shea sweeps before chariotThere is no word that would describe the enthusiasm, solidarity and fervour that the all volunteers, and devotees showed while participating this year Rathayatra. While in morning Sun took a back seat to keep the weather nice, heavy rains downpour and wash the street before Lord Jagannath's chariot's rolled out at 1PM. Weather was perfect with clear Sunshine during the parade till end of the festival. Everything happened as it should be without a hitch. Also shower on Rathyatra is considered to be very auspicious. Without rain, no ripe, no plant grow, so rain is a surest ashirvaad form for all living entities to live in peace and joy so that no negativity comes into the life. May Lord Jagannath's blessing shower on us in the form of rain always!

2012-full-swing-300pxOur spl. thanks to the Dublin Garda Police units who provided support for the event by controlling and directing the traffic and Dublin City Council for giving permission to have the Rath Yatra parade on the public road and a big thanks to all volunteers, friends, families who helped to make this year's Rathayatra possible. We could not do it without YOU! At the conclusion of the procession everyone enjoyed a delicious feast, drama, Bharatnatyam dance presentation and hot herbal tea was supplied by members from Odisha society to keep devotees warm while enjoying a great energetic hari naam sankirtan at St. Stephen Green Park!

Please see the event pictures link and This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have taken any video/photos from the event, and we will upload into rathayatra.ie website. If you have any ideas/suggestions to make it better this event, please let us know. Thank you all again for participating this year Rathayatra event. We look forward for your support to hold the Rath Yatra in year 2013 at a much larger scale. Haribol!!!